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I've used Google ig ever since they inflicted ig on us, as my homepage. I keep extensive bookmarks there, along with a few other gadgets. This morning, with no notice, my bookmark list is suddenly FUBAR. Instead of a nice long box with most of my first set of bookmarks listed in order by title, there's a stingy little box and they're scrambled, and what's more, they're in two columns so the full titles of the bookmarks aren't even visible. I have roved around the Google site trying to find a fix, or at least an explanation, to no avail. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know what's going on?

And perhaps - much as my furnished-rut personality hates it - it's time to find another page to plunk my bookmarks onto? Is there such a place? How does everyone else store their bookmarks to places they use every day and/or want as references and handy?

ETA: I finally accidentally stumbled across the comment page about the new "features" - it's NOT just me - there's a mob forming over there with pitchforks and torches.

Does anyone know if there's a simple way to copy one's bookmarks en masse to a (say) NeoOffice document, and set *that* as one's homepage? (I think I know how to set it as the homepage, if Mac OS X will allow a document on its hard drive to be used as an internet home page. I hope.)

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