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In the jungle...

I'm sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee, and I've got the windows open (glorious!), and a mob of sparrows suddenly decided to have World War III outside the window to my right. O'Keefe completely lost her mind - now, there IS a nice hamper under the window, with a nice soft blanket folded neatly on top JUST for the cats - but can she just hop up there and peer out at the birds? NO! She has to - at TOP speed - streak from the hassock, up my leg, onto the arm of the chair (whether MY arm is already there or not), across the cluttered side-table (and always the MOST congested part of it), to pause, entirely focused on the bush out side the window, with her front half standing in the middle of the rubble that was my side-table and her back half standing on the arm of the chair, with her butt in my face, and her tail twitching.

Repeatedly she has to do this. Because after making that dramatic Major Predator pause, instead of jumping over to the nice soft blanket RIGHT AT THE WINDOW, she jumps down onto the floor and trots back to her original spot at the foot of the hassock. Repeatedly.

Tell me again, why do I have cats?

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