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3 things make a post?

self, difference engine, Babbage

I have no idea what that means, but the Cool Kids all do it, so I'll proceed.

It occurred to me I hardly ever post; I mostly lurk and often comment to other people's posts. Maybe that's rude, so I'll try to muster something to post about more often. It's mostly a function of how dull my life is - that is not a complaint!

1) I got to the interstate this morning (I commute 56 miles each way, daily, with two carpoolers) and finally admitted that there was something seriously wrong with my car. A din that filled the interior, that went away when I stopped at lights, that was not the engine (after I pulled into a parking lot and rolled the windows down to listen to the engine, which purred like a purring thing), was connected somehow to the wrongness that would not allow me to accelerate up past 50 mph. So I exited the interstate at the next off ramp, parked in a Perkins lot, and called a tow truck.  Before he got there I got out and FINALLY observed that my left rear tire was completely flat. Now, shredded, due to my stupidity in not just staying at the first lot I'd stopped in to listen to the engine. *headsmack*  But by the time I'd got the thing to a tire store and they got a used tire on it, it was too late to bother going to work. I'm lucky to have an understanding supervisor and plenty of vacation time. But this was not an uplifting start to the day.

2) It's cold, wet, and gray out there and it's going to be that way all day. Maybe that's why my mood's been so low the past week. Gray gray gray, with a side order of gray with gray sauce. Egads. So to cheer myself up I'm eating apple pie and reading a Kurt Wallander mystery by Henning Mankell.  Now, if you've read any of those, you'll know that this may not, possibly, be the best thing to read when you're already feeling gloomy and defeated. LOL - maybe it's Schadenfruend. (Is that spelled right?) At least I'm not as hapless and feckless as poor old Wallander. Or so I tell myself.

3) I just noticed a few minutes ago that my cat Adams has the most magnificent set of whiskers I've seen on a real live cat.  They must span 9 inches!